Time and Energy

Finding Time and Energy to Take Care of Yourself

We all know that we need to take care of ourselves. However, the greater the need for self-care, the less time we have to do it. Here are some ideas that are meant to fit with the reality of your busy life.

Squeeze in "me" time

·              Get up early to do what you want

·             Take advantage of  the lunch time at work

·              Hide out in the bathroom

·              Listen to favorite music or podcast while cooking, driving or doing housework

·              Use school time as "me" time

·              “Happy hour” (alone time) before bed

Take turns with others

·              Spouse

·              Play dates

·              Respite care or sitters

Create more free time by spending less time on other things

·              Ask kids to help with housework

·              Anticipate and prepare: investing time in advance makes things faster and smoother

·              Get organized

·              Do less, lower your standards 

                (Does it really matter? Are there other ways to achieve core values?)

Take of yourself for more energy during the day

          Sleep, water, regular healthy meals, exercise