Small Pleasures

One way to find the time and energy for increasing the joy in your life is by adding in small pleasures, simple things that make you happy. Below are some examples. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section.

Quick Activities

Tea, coffee, cocoa or a glass of wine (but avoid alcohol if you are tempted to drink more than you should)  

Arrange flowers

Progressive relaxation

Focus on physical sensations in the moment

Visualize a favorite vacation (sights, sounds, tastes), visualize your dream house

Breathe deeply  


Sit in the sun

Add time to your shower

Notice and appreciate one nice thing in your environment at the moment

Activities you could do while doing something else

Fire in fireplace


Listen to music you like while driving or doing chores

Sing (loudly)

Book on tape

Fragrant oils with reed diffusers

Notice the flowers that you bought for yourself

More ideas

Do a new craft


Learn something new: Language/music/craft

Go somewhere new

Go out to eat

Go for a drive

Pamper yourself

Light reading


Do something different with your hair

Connect to friends via Facebook

On-line support groups

Look at pictures that make you smile (See my pinterest page for an example)