Understanding Your Anger

    Often the first step to mastering anger is to step back from the situation long enough for your rational self to regain control. 
Stepping Back for a Moment
    The traditional option is to take a deep breath (or two) or count to 10. If you need more space, try leaving the room and even the house. A quick walk around the block gives your body a chance to work off the adrenaline flow from the anger while giving you some time to collect your thoughts. Sometimes if you have children, they will pursue you just when you are trying to give yourself a break. Locking yourself in the bathroom one option (assuming it is safe for the children). 
Explain What You Are Doing
    Be sure to let the other person know that you just giving yourself a moment to calm down; you are not ignoring the issue or abandoning the conversation. If you have children, you can explain that Mommy or Daddy need a time out.    
Other Options 
    If you can't remove yourself from the situation, try announcing that you need a break and then start counting backward from 60 by 3's (or any other combination of numbers that make it slightly challenging.) Invite the other person to join you in counting but stay focused on yourself whether they do or not.

Structuring Your Thoughts When Angry
 Here is the Anger Tree - a step by step guide to deciding how to deal with your anger

More Resources for Parents Dealing with Anger
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