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Ron Part 3


If you are person who wants to yell, take time out and go for a walk, or listen to music or watch TV. Do something that can make you relax.

When anger tries to creep up on you, you can tell because your stomach gets tight or starts hurting. Try to catch that. If I am at work, I stop myself before I blow up. 

Try to relax yourself and get through the day. Go and do what you need to do and keep taking deep breaths and then everything will be OK. 

When you get home, let it go of your work problems and just concentrate on home things.

If I need more help letting go, sometimes I go for a walk or listen to music or just sit and watch a good movie or TV show. 

Another thing you can do if you get angry is to sit down with a friend or staff or caregiver. Tell them that you are getting stressed and ask them to help you not get so stressed out. 

Going for counseling can help too.

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