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Finding Your Own Wisdom

Here is a way that you can get the support and advice that you need when you need it. Start by thinking of five people. They should people who either believe in you and see (or saw) your potential or people with a wisdom or personality that you respect. They can be real people in your life, famous figures or fictional characters. These people are going to be your invisible allies. Even though they can't be with you in person, they are going to be with you in spirit. 

Once you have chosen your five people, call a meeting. Give each person a specific place to sit or stand in the room that you are in. Sometimes it helps to take the time visualize each person - what they are wearing, how they have positioned their body, the expression on their faces. If it feels right, tell them about your problem. You don't have to say the words out loud, but do imagine the exact words that you are using. Or just go straight to a question. Ask your question and the imagine the answer that each of these people would give you. 

Reading this, it might seem like you are just talking to yourself but it is different because you aren't asking "what do I think I should do" but rather "what would This Person think I should do" and you will get different answers from different allies. Then you can take these answers and decide what YOU want to do. Even just visualizing the caring and support you would get if these people were there with you will make your heart feel as if the experience were a physical reality instead of an internal experience.

This exercises is adapted from one in Barbara Sher's I Could Do Anything I Wanted If Only I Knew What It Was, an excellent book for figuring out what you want to do with your life.