Finding Your Own Wisdom describes an unusual approach to problem solving - you will discover that you know more than you thought you did.

Creating Healthy Self-Esteem: Discussion Summary from a panel at "It's Their Life: Supporting Adults with Developmental Disabilities & Autism", April 30, 2011.

Find out your signature strengths by taking the
VIA Character Study. Researchers have identified 24 character strengths such as bravery, honesty, kindness, humor and fairness that are respected across all cultures and religions. We all have each of these strengths in some measure but the ones that play a more dominant role in our lives become our "signature strengths". Once you identify your signature strengths, using the free adult or youth survey, you can go the section on "Practice" to learn more about how to build on your strengths.

If you have a disability and want to find a supportive community, I Live With A Disability provides an international, Internet-based community while the Silicon Valley Independent Living Center offers local events and services. You can also check out the SVILC website for information about how to get involved in social justice - acting to create a more inclusive society. 

Ronnie's Story: Why People With Disabilities Have Problems & What We Can Do About It  Ronnie shares what he has learned about managing the frustrations and doubts of living with cognitive disabilities.