Disability and Differently Abled

The Silicon Valley Independent Living Center offers a wide range of services for people with disabilities, including peer counseling, a wonderful teen/young adult group, assistance in finding housing and more. (Also a very supportive site for part of my internship!)

I Live With a Disability is a website that combines international social networking with blogs from a network of regular contributors covering insights, interviews, news, politics, resources and rights. Their introductory video on the home page gives you a feel for ILWAD's combination of humor and self-acceptance.

Don't Mourn for Us is is controversial but thought-provoking article, written by a man with autism for parents of children on the autistic spectrum. He argues "Autism is a way of being. It is not possible to separate the person from the autism.Therefore, when parents say, 'I wish my child did not have autism,' what they're really saying is, 'I wish the autistic child I have did not exist, and I had a different (non-autistic) child instead.'" Worth reading, even you don't agree with him.

An insightful quote from Albert Einstein on ability and disability.

More about self-esteem and resiliency, particularly if you are differently abled.